Sunday, May 25, 2014

Socialbliss The Style Box

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My Socialbliss Style Box showed up yesterday! I was so excited to open this one. The past few months they have done amazing boxes and I was hoping for the same this month.

I like the sleek black box that Socialbliss sends out.

I really like when I open a box and the inside of the lid has something cute on it. This one says "Hello Gorgeous". Just something that small really adds in making a box appeal to me. I also like when they package the products neatly, adding the nicely wrapped paper is also appealing. It shows the company cares about what they send out.

Packaged so well! I knew I would at least like this box! Dust covers mean something good!

Izzy & Ali Mini Maven Coin Purse ($9.99): Anytime I see a dust cover I start to smile! It normally means something really nice. I received the burgundy color in the coin purse. I would say this is bigger than a coin purse. I would relate it more to a small make up bag. It is beautiful and looks very much like real leather. The tassel is adorable as well. The information card has it listed for $39.00. But, I found it way cheaper online and always give the cheapest price I can find.

The Crème Shop Mini Eyelash Curler ($5.00): I could not find this exact product online. Their actual website does not have any curlers. I would say $5.00 is a good estimate. I have never used a mini curler before. It would take 3 times to cover all of my lashes. I will have to look into how to use a mini one! If you know, please fill me in! Thanks

The Crème Shop Cleansing Towelettes ($3.88): These are made with milk. I really like these and will order more. They did not make my face feel rough or chemically or raw like most face wipes do. I felt clean and smooth! I wonder if these are sold in stores anywhere?

My Ties by Lindsay Cortez ($4.00): I love this hair tie! It is so cute! The light crème with gold polka dots looks so good! I really hope not to lose this too quick!!

Spa Set ($15.00): Includes handband, roller-ball massager, and three loofah scrubs. I will use these items. I think they are nice, but maybe not worth $15.00??

Lift Fusion ($14.70): The reviews I have read on this are pretty good. I don't have any wrinkles or anything so I will pass it onto someone who will really enjoy it. Socialbliss prices this at $140.00, but I found it on Amazon for $14.70.

Gleeful Peacock Hair Clip ($14.00): I received this item as a bonus for a coupon code I added last month. I think this is adorable and I already have it in my car on my visor. This is something I would buy in the store if I saw it.

The total value I received for this box was $52.57. Including my bonus gift it was $66.57. This is more than the $47.90 (the box was $39.95 and shipping $7.95) I paid for the box. Socialbliss said the box was over $200. If I included the prices they did, then it would be. But, the main item, the Lift Fusion was no where near $140. I will continue to receive the box for a few more months to see if they are better than this time. Overall, I did like the items I received.

If you are interested in signed up you can go through my link here. I think they do great boxes and this month just wasn't quite as good. I am betting they will rock it next month! 

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