Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Citrus Lane Mystery Box- Zebra Skip Hop Review

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Citrus Lane: A monthly subscription box that contains 4 or more products for your child specific to their age and stage.
Price: $29 monthly
Mystery Box: $29 each

I LOVE Citrus Lane. I LOVE a mystery box! So, combining those two, I was sold immediately! This time around they offered 3 mystery boxes, recommended ages 12 months+. To choose between the options you were able to pick out of 3 available plate/bowl combo. These were a zebra, elephant, or rhino. I opted for the zebra and elephant ones. I will review the elephant in another post to make sure the post isn't too long.


When I saw my package, I thought it was a lot bigger than normal (see picture below). I thought maybe they had a larger toy and needed more space. It was really heavy too! When I opened it, I realized they put both of my mystery boxes into one big box (duh...)!

The first glance in the box was promising! Plenty of colors!! I couldn't wait to dig in. 

Green Tones Castanet ($11.99): This is a well made toy, that I am sure will last a long time. It doesn't make a super loud noise, which makes me happy, but noisy enough to entertain ;). J loved this and wanted it immediately! 


Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker ($8.09): I am going to put this away for hopefully another time. This is a bit too young for J. But, the box was for 12 months+ so I am okay with it. I love Melissa and Doug, their toys will stand the test of time. 

Clare Beaton's Bedtime Rhymes ($6.29): Again, a bit young for J, but a cute book. The pictures are adorable, and will be perfect for a smaller child with a shorter attention span.

Pearhead Handprint Wall Art ($10.00): I could not find this exact set anywhere. I found some similar and would say it is valued at about $10.00. I think it is cute. It is a nice canvas and comes with two sets of paint. I doubt we will actually do hand prints. I will just let J go crazy and paint away and hang it up :) Unstructured painting is SO much more fun!

Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Bunnies ($1.00): These bunnies are awesome. I prefer not getting food in our boxes, but these were gone in minutes. They have a wonderful real cheddar taste versus other similar snacks. Plus, they are organic. Love this brand.

 Barefoot Books Bear on the Go First Puzzle ($12.95): Super cute puzzles. It contains 4 puzzles, 4 pieces each. A little young for J but the fact they are all thrown in together and he has to sort through to figure out which pieces fit which puzzle will help add difficulty. The pieces are extremely thick, I couldn't even bend them, so I know this will last a long time. However, the box I am not too sure about. I may need to switch it into another container at some point!

Eco-Kids Modeling Dough ($3.63): This dough is contains no chemical, dyes, or metals. It is a great, safe alternative for kids. Plus, I hear it lasts a REALLY long time. It is a dark green. They offer more colors, which we may try! 

Skip-Hop Zebra Plate/Bowl Set ($10.00): We have a Skip-Hop lunch box as well! These are face-pinching cute! Plus, it encourages J to eat his food to see the faces ;)

I paid $29.00 for the box. The total value I got was $63.95. I did not include the retail value, just the lowest price I could find online. Retail value would be way more! So I think this was an AMAZING value. On lowest available price, I more than doubled what I paid for the box. Some of the items were a little young for J, but I am sure we will get use out of them in the future! 

Citrus Lane is doing another mystery box series, this time aged for 2 years of age+! These will probably include more items J could use. Hurry! They will sell out quick! The options this time are "Boons Water Bugs" or "Dive Appliques". I ordered both and will have the reviews up as soon as I get my hands on them!! Did you get any of the Skip-Hop mystery boxes? Are you ordering the new bath ones? 

Head over to Citrus Lane and sign up for a subscription. By going through my link you will save 50% off your first month (you can choose even a monthly subscription to give it a try)!

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