Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Madness

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links*

It has been a SUPER busy Monday around here! Between sickness, working on the backyard, burying furry friends, and getting a TON of subscription boxes, I am ready for Tuesday!

To start off, I have been sick (yesterday/today), kind of blahh feeling, maybe allergies? Hopefully that will be gone by tomorrow.

D has been working on our backyard the past few days. We had a tree cut down and he has been cutting it up to clear the yard. Also, D has been taking down and fixing our patio so we can spend more time outside! J loves being outside, and sometimes we need somewhere to rest and be able to see him. Below are some pictures from the patio (in the making). It used to have the lattice all the way up the walls. D has taken it down and just left it on the lower half. We are going to test it out for a few days and see if we just want to take it all down. Also, maybe take the covering off the top? It isn't pretty...maybe? We rent so we don't want to pour money into a house we don't own and plan on moving shortly. We will see! 

Poor J, today while playing outside he found a bird that had died. He is a sensitive child to begin with, and we have never dealt with death in his eyes. Well, we thought the best thing to do would be to burry the bird. It seemed to help a bit. But, he has still spent the day talking/mourning this bird he never knew. Maybe it is a good thing we do not own any pets? I'm not sure. How do you explain death to a 3 year old? He is in a way better mood this afternoon and seems happy. :)

Like I said, I received a ton of boxes today. That includes Citrus Lane (we receive one for J {3 year old} and one younger {2 year old}), Graze, Sephora Sun Safety Kit, Escape Monthly and From the Lab. I will try to get all of those reviews up ASAP!

How was your Monday? Hats off to a great week!

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