Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes Available

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Citrus Lane is offering mystery boxes again. I have ordered several of the mystery boxes the last few times. But, there were many items that were the same in each of boxes available. The past time they were almost all identical! I found that to be very frustrating. This time Citrus Lane has promised there will be NO overlaps in any of the mystery boxes! The items in the boxes will likely include items from previous subscription boxes. The mystery boxes are $29.00 each. They will include at least $60.00 of value per box.

Mystery Box- Mom Treat ($29.00): This box is all for mommy! It will include the Stella & Dot bracelet shown. All items will be something special for Mama. I ordered this and can't wait to get it!

Mystery Box- Baby Car ($29.00): The age range for this box is 0-12 months. It includes the Plan Toys Baby Car. I ordered this and will put away toys for later hopefully or gifts.

Mystery Box- Ivy & Bean Paper Dolls ($29.00): Geared for ages 2+ years old. This will include the paper dolls and other items for a toddler. I grabbed this box as well.

Mystery Box- Lace & Trace Farm ($29.00): Again aged for 2+ years old. I really liked this main item. I thought it as adorable and really work well with getting little hands to make tiny precise moves. I also purchased one of these boxes.

Mystery Box- Zebra Plate & Bowl ($29.00): I believe this will be the same box as the Skip Hops Mystery Boxes available a few weeks ago. I did not buy this because we received it in the previous mystery box order.

If you want to order these you can also enter the code "mommy20" for 20% off, you know I did!

Our family really enjoys Citrus Lane. If you go through my link here, you can get your first box for 50% off. You could sign up for the monthly subscription to just give it a try. I HIGHLY recommend it. 

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