Wednesday, May 21, 2014

From The Lab May Review

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From The Lab arrived a few days ago. I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this box! All of the reviews I have read on this subscription really made me curious! 

To my knowledge, From The Lab is the only subscription I know of it's kind. For $29.95 a month, you receive monthly boxes, they will contain 1-3 beauty products. These are high end products that have not been released to the general public yet. The products will be set to release at least 8 months in the future. So, you get to test out the brand new products at least 8 months early! The values on previous boxes I have seen were at least $75 (sometimes $200). The products will have a generic lab label on it. But, if you want to buy them (who wants to wait 8 months for more of the stuff you love?!) they sell it online SUPER cheap! The idea of this whole box makes me happy! So much I bought a 6 month subscription (I normally do monthly).

Love at first site! A super cute box, and it is easy to tell who is sending it! 

From The Lab sent out two products this month. As said before, it can vary 1-3 products each month. So, I was happy with 3!

The estimated retails value of the two products combined are $90+. So, already I got a great deal!

The first product is a nice lip primer. This felt wonderful and I know I will love it! I will be buying more!

The second product is an under eye treatment. I have been looking up and down for an under eye treatment cream. I will start using it immediately! Maybe having a 3 year old is causing my darker spots? Who knows. Hopefully this works, I would so buy more! I have a feeling this will be a high dollar item when it hits the shelves!

I really enjoyed this month's From The Lab. I am so glad I signed up for 6 months. I am already wanting next month's box! 

The downside, it really bugs me not to know the actual brand. Something about not knowing, and wanting to know! But, I love it anyways!

Do you subscribe to From The Lab? What are you hoping to be in next month's box?

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