Friday, May 16, 2014

Citrus Lane May Box Review

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Citrus Lane: A monthly subscription box that contains 4 or more products for your child specific to their age and stage. This is one of our favorite child's subscription boxes!
Price: $29.00 monthly

This is the 42-month old boy box. I order this box at J's actual age. I may increase it to ensure he is getting items that he can use for awhile. 

I had not seen any spoiler this month and it appears my box came earlier than most. So, everything was a big surprise!

At first peek it was packed, which I LOVE! I think the yellow tissue paper with the branded sticker really add a nice touch to the box. After digging through, there were a ton of papers and ads, nothing that really fit the child subscription box though. Maybe for future ads they will be somewhat relevant? 

Crocodile Creek Rockets Kid Time Watch ($15.99): As soon as J saw this he wanted it. I couldn't take a picture and get it out of the packaging quick enough! He was smiling so big and jumping around, seriously, that made the box for us! It is a super cute watch and will fit for a long time. I had to put it on the smallest notch available, so it could be too big for some kids who receive the box. But, J doesn't mind! 

Goodbyn Hero- Green ($21.95): This set is really cute. It includes two dipping containers can be used with the set or separately. J isn't in school or anything so maybe we will hold onto it? Or take a picnic to a park so he can use it? I like that it is BPA free too!

Faber-Castell 12 Duo Tip Washable Markers (24 colors) ($8.89): I was surprised to see this brand. Generally this brand is a higher end brand. The markers work so well, they are super smooth and easy to clean off of surfaces. J LOVES arts and crafts, he will use these today! 

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids ($6.76): These smell wonderful! It is a great idea, especially for how dirty a 3 year old boys feet can get! I will probably pack these in the to go bag for the summer!

I paid $29.00 for the Citrus Lane box. The total value I received is $53.59. I was missing a snack that was supposed to be included. This value is from the lowest prices I could find online not retail prices. If I included retails prices that would be even MORE!

Our family really enjoys Citrus Lane. If you go through my link here, you can get your first box for 50% off. You could sign up for the monthly subscription to just give it a try. I HIGHLY recommend it. 

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