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Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse Sale

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links*

   We LOVE Scholastic. I love that they offer amazing titles at affordable rates for everyone. Seriously, quarter of the price compared to big box stores!! Last Tuesday the warehouse sale was in town! I was so excited, I had a countdown waiting.

   Generally, they do a "Build a Box" sale. The box was normally $25 and you could fit about 20-25 books in them. That is an AMAZING deal! Also, the staff would help to pack the books to ensure you get the most. So, naturally I was bummed when I asked the staff this go round and they said Scholastic informed them they did not have enough inventory to do it. But, I got over it quick and was on to buy books anyways. I had an awesome coupon for $25 off $100 or $10 off $50, so I HAD to use that. I appreciate that Scholastic puts out these coupons to use during warehouse sales, it makes it all the more reason for me to go.

    The way the warehouse sale works is pretty simple. Everything is 50% off the price listed on the book. These are titles from the previous year or so. Our family normally does not have any of the titles they have for sale. The newest titles (these included some of the Llama, Llama books), were 30% off.

    We scored a bunch of new books for our family and for gifts!

*I have listed the prices I found online, not the suggested retail value, because I wouldn't pay that!*
**I did not include the coupon into the individual book prices, only at the end**

Bear Says Thanks (Price: $6.24, Paid: $2.49): This is a cute book about a bear throwing a party, the details in the picture are really nice. We have not read this one yet, but I am betting it will be a hit when we do!

Big Cats Closeup/Elephants Closeup (I couldn't find this anywhere else, we paid $2.99 )

When We're Together (Price: $5.24, Paid: $2.49): I picked this book up because it is about family time, and we LOVE us some family time! It is very cute and age appropriate!

MORE BEARS! (Price: $10.52, Paid: $2.49): A really wacky and funny book. We laughed and laughed, it is amazing how J is really finding his sense of humor.

Over and Under the Snow (Price: $7.19, Paid: $2.99): J saw this and I couldn't pry it from his hands! The illustrations are beautiful and it really teaches through the story about animals and habitats/traits.

The Sea Mammal Alphabet Book (Price: $7.16, Paid: $2.49): We have PLENTY of alphabet books, but not a nautical themed one! I LOVE NAUTICAL! The pictures are wonderful and it actually gives details about the animals rather than just listing them. I think that made it more for a 3 year old, and should hold his attention. :)

Fancy Nancy Puppy Party (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.99): I vaguely remember Fancy Nancy from when I was a child. Books that rhyme are really popular in our house right now, so this will fit in perfect.

The Gingerbread Man (Reading with Phonics) (Price: $3.13, Paid: $1.99): I cannot believe we do not own a gingerbread man book. We do now, who doesn't love a cute story about a family with a gingerbread man as a son!!

Starry Sky (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.99): J is into stars, he loves when we go outside at night and he can see them.  Maybe one day we will love on acres of land where it is so dark you can see them all clearly! This is more of a learning book rather than a night time book. It shows different constellations, which J will enjoy. 

Spooky Friends (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.99): This is just a cute book. It is separated into three different chapters/stories. So, if you wanted to spread it out over three sittings you could. But, it is still short enough to finish all at one time if you would like (If J saw I didn't "finish" the book he may melt down!).

MAX & MO Let's make a Snowman! (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.99): Hamsters and snowmen, can you go wrong?

The SEEDS of the MILKWEED (Price: $12.99, Paid: $2.49): I love that students made this book. It is about making milkweeds grow. They also illustrated it, which is awesome!

Moby Dick The Graphic Novel (Herman Melville) (Price: $9.34, Paid: $4.99): This is the tale of Moby Dick but in a comic book style. How cool is that (nerdy... I know)?! I think this will be a huge hit when we read it.

The Monster of the Woods! (Price: $11.98, Paid: $2.49): When I skimmed through and saw the illustrations I knew it needed to be on our bookcase. This works perfect for us, J has been going through the "scared" stage (each night it is something new {yes, he just wants to stay up} the shadows, the walls, his bed, his rug). 

Jack and the Beanstalk (Price: unknown, Paid: $2.99): J is at the age where fairy tales and nursery rhymes are coming up. I think the Jack and the Beanstalk will be a cute tale to tell him. I can't wait to hear his rendition of it!

Alien in Underpants Save the World (Price: $12.88, Paid: $2.49): I think we have another "In Underpants" book, maybe a pirates one. Boys find underpants funny, no matter what, so this book may be his favorite! 

Dream BIG Little Pig! (Price: $12.98, Paid: $2.49): We have tried to keep J as neutral to things as possible. We don't expose him to things being "boy" or "girl" specific, it is for anyone who enjoys it. So, this book will be cute and he will enjoy it. Plus it is a really nice built book, I am sure it will last a long, long time. 

Someday (Price: $8.00, Paid: $2.49): I LOVE this book! It is about a child who dreams big, REALLY big. I am a dreamer, and it seems J has taken on that personality trait as well. The child in the book mentions she will be friends with a dolphin, the words sounded like they could have come right from J! There is no limit to our "someday".

Surfer Chick (Price: $6.00, Paid: $2.49): A book about a chicken surfing, pretty neat. It is cute, brightly colored, and entertaining. 

Not Your Typical Dragon (Price: $6.99, Paid: $2.49):  This is a super cute book about a dragon that can't breathe fire, but breathes whipped cream!. It does a good job being funny and teaching about being different. 

The Snatchbook (Price: $13.19, Paid: $2.49): A very cute story about the nightly disappearance of books! Super fun to follow along.

Amelia Bedelia Bookworm (Price: $3.67, Paid: $1.99): I loved Amelia Bedelia as a child, I am working on J to love her too ;) She is quirky and super funny!

The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.49): This is going to be a wonderful follow up for The Gingerbread Man story I mentioned earlier. Sort of a "flash back" when the Gingerbread was a kid!

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg (Price: $6.26, Paid: $3.47): This book sort of reminded me of a country style book for some reason, so I snatched it up. It is about two characters taking different routes on the hike, not able to compromise. It shows comparisons on how their experiences differed.

Cindy Moo (Price: $10.00, Paid: $2.49): A little ambitious cow sets out to prove the rhyme true, that cows CAN jump over the moon. Will she be able to pull it off?!

Clara the Cookie Fairy (Price: $6.29, Paid: $2.49): Cookies and fairies, need I say more? Apparently there is also a Daisy the Donut Fairy by the same author, I may need to get this, Daisy is adorable!

Pig Kahuna (Price: $6.00, Paid: $2.49): OMG! This pig is so adorable! He finds a surfboard washed up on the beach, but the waves take it back into the water. He is afraid of the water, but tries to find the courage to go after it anyways! This is perfect. J has a slight fear of water (though it is fading), and this will help ease his mind when he sees the piggy go into it!

Dragons Love Tacos (Price: $9.64, Paid: $2.49): Another book J wouldn't let go of. He saw the tacos on the dragons belly and laughed as hard as he could. There is something mighty funny about dragons eating tacos.

OLIVIA and the Rain Dance (Price: $3.59, Paid: $1.99): We watch Olivia on TV sometimes. Connecting a tv show J enjoys into a book is a win any way you look at it. However, I hope he doesn't learn the "rain dance" and it works, I am LOVING this sunshine.

OLIVIA Plays Soccer/OLIVIA Goes to the Library (Price: $3.59 each, Paid: $2.99): This is a combo book, you flip it over and the other story starts there.

Otis (Price: $7.20, Paid: $2.49): I have to say, this was MY favorite book of the bunch. I love the country feel, the little red tractor. It is so sweet. This tractor becomes best friends with a scared calf. Then, the farmer buys a new shiny yellow tractor and pushes the old tractor, Otis, to the back. But, the cow gets stuck in the mud and the yellow tractor cannot get him out. Finally, you hear the noise and faintly see Otis coming to the rescue. I thought this was wonderful to teach that new things are not always better. Plus, there is a series! I had no idea!

Otis and the Puppy
Otis and the Tornado
Let's Go, Otis!
Otis Loves to Play
Froggy Eats Out (Price: $5.39, Paid: $1.99): So funny! Froggy is bored and acts up out at dinner. J thought it was funny but that he would never do it! 

Bedtime Prayers That End with a Hug! (Price: $11.97, Paid: $?????): I normally don't disclose anything regarding religion. But, I wanted to include this book because it was purchased then. It teaches children how to pray and ends with a hug. J really enjoys this in his night time routine. 

Ladybug Girl at the Beach (Price: $11.97, Paid: $2.50): This was normally $9.99 through Scholastic, but on sale for $5.00, then I received 50% off of that. It is a cute book with a girl with a great imagination.

The Very Beary Tooth Fairy (Price: $14.38, Paid: $2.49): We have not really touched on the Tooth Fairy since J is not quite losing teeth yet. But, I will hold onto this for then!

Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie (Price: $6.29, Paid: $1.99): When Amelia bakes her first pie with her Grandma, they sit it outside to cool. But, the bird get into it! A cute story about baking, that includes a recipe at the end!

My Name is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream (Price: $13.20, Paid: $2.49): The funny story of a girl who keeps changing who she is throughout the day, what an imagination!

Two Dollars One Wallet (Price: unknown, Paid: $2.49): This will be a good one in a few months when we start talking more about money, values, and concepts. I think it will be a great explanation book for J.

I Love Baby Animals (Price: unknown, Paid: $4.99): Maybe a little too young for J, but the animals are adorable. Might come in handy to refer to specific animals later on.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly (Price: $7.00, Paid: $2.99): A really hilarious book about an old lady who swallows a bunch of random items, fly, chairs, ANYTHING. It kind of reminded me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in regards to the flow.

The Easter Egg (Price: $7.20, Paid: $2.99): This book is so classic looking. It is a book I would give J to pass to his children one day, well made and timeless. A great Easter time read.

Doc McStuffins Bubble Trouble (Price: $4.49, Paid: $2.49): Doc McStuffins is a favorite around here. Not a huge fan of "sticker" books. I think they wind up looking tacky when the stickers are used. But, this one you use the stickers outside of the book, maybe on crafts?

Scholastic Children's Dictionary (Price: $13.78, Paid: $9.99): I used to have one of these when I was young. It is nice thorough dictionary with pictures. This will come in handy in the next year or so!

One Rainy Day (Price: unknown, Paid: $2.50): I couldn't find a price for the hardback. It was normally $14.99 through Scholastic, but it was on a special sale for $5.00 and I received 50% off of that! It is a great quality book and has a little sparkle on the cover.

Little Duckling Lost (Price: unknown, Paid: $2.50): This was the same deal, couldn't find a price. It was normally $14.99 through Scholastic, but it was on a special sale for $5.00 and I received 50% off of that! The book was the same style as the One Rainy Day book. Nice hardcover with a little sparkle. 

Tony Baloney Pen Pal (Price: unknown, Paid: $1.99): We loved this story. It was a cute chapter book. It was split up, but the chapters were so short it would be awkward to not read it at the same time. There were maybe 4 or 5 tiny chapters. It helped to introduce the idea of chapter books to J, but he didn't seem to pay any attention to it! 

Froggy Goes to Hawaii (Price: $5.39, Paid: $1.99): Another Froggy book! Pretty straight forward, his goofy story in Hawaii!

Solar System (Price: $3.04, Paid: $1.99): A great learning book. It lists different specifics about the solar system and planets in it. J is into stars and I think the solar system will fit right into that!

The Magic Tree House: Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve (Price: $4.49, Paid: $2.49): I used to read The Magic Tree House series when I was young. It is nice to see that they are still making more! This will be a good book when J is a bit older.

Who Was: Amelia Earhart? (Price: $2.82, Paid: $2.49): I had never heard of this series. They are books that give details into who/what these people/events are. I picked up the ones I thought J would find interesting. I think these will be great in the future! 

Who Was: Albert Einstein? (Price: $2.82, Paid: $2.49)

Who Was: Davy Crockett? (Price: $4.49, Paid: $2.49)

Who Was: Christopher Columbus? (Price: $4.49, Paid: $2.49)

What Was: The Alamo? (Price: $5.39, Paid: $2.99)

I did not do a price breakdown on the posters, however, I paid $2.50 a piece. In a box retail, posters are about $5.00- $8.00.

USA Geo Bingo game (Price: $15.99, Paid: $7.49): J is about ready to learn his states. I think this game will be fun for him, and will get used a lot. 

I split my purchase into two separate ones (my grandma was with me), that way I could use two coupons. 
The total before coupons was $175.46.
Minus one $25 coupon and one $10 coupon.

I paid $140.96 for 53 books, 4 posters, and a bingo game. 

I would say that is a great deal!!!

Click here to find your local warehouse sale!

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