Monday, May 19, 2014

Julep Golden Ticket Mystery Box #2 May

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Julep offered a new series of "Golden Ticket Mystery Boxes" this month. If you received the golden ticket in your box your were able to name your own nail polish! Each series had 1 box with a golden ticket. Unfortunately, I did not receive one. I would love to know if you did though! I ordered all 3 available boxes in the series. I will post each box separately to prevent a super long post. :)

Confession: I was so excited to tear into my boxes that I did not take pictures along the way. I took them all after the fact! I'm sorry!!! :(

Forget Me Not Seeds ($1.00): This was a little bonus Julep added to each box. I think it is very cute, and I love Forget Me Nots! The message on the packet says, "Thanks for helping us grow into something beautiful."

Julep Candace ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): I had a hard time trying to decide how to describe this polish. So, Julep describes it as a golden chocolate microglitter. Which fits perfectly! It is a pretty color, that I will use in the autumn.

Julep Carol ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): Julep did not have a dot picture for the color. This is a very light pink. It really needs 2+ coats. I do not wear pink very often but will give it a try.

Julep Celia ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): My favorite from the box! A nice green/teal metallic color! I put this on immediately. 

Julep Estelle ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): A black with colored sparkles. This is okay, I don't really have anywhere to wear it. But, if I did, I would love it!

Julep Michelle ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): Ahh! This came in as a close second favorite. If I could pull it off as a spring color it may have been first! It is a nice plain sort of flat navy (midnight blue). 

Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): I can't wait to try this! I hope it works really well! Julep dries really quick to begin with, but add this on top, man that would be speedy!

Vanish Cuticle Softener and Remover ($14.00/$11.20 Maven): I am excited to try this too. I have soft cuticles anyway, but I need to take better care of them. I have seen really awesome reviews on this and have high hopes!

Bare Face Cleansing Oil with Power Cell Complex ($28.00/SALE $20.00): I am IN LOVE with this. I feel it did a really good job. It was different than any other cleaner I have used. You put it on while your face is dry then massage it and wash it. I thought it cleaned my skin really well. It also did not have any type of fragrance, which makes me happy!

I paid $24.99 for the mystery box and with the coupon code "PERK2FOR1" and received a free nail polish! I chose Julep Priscilla - Emerald for May ($14.00/$11.20 Maven) for my free nail polish. It is a pretty sparkely green! Plus, it has a gold top which I wanted!

My box was valued at $127.00 (Regular price not including my free polish it would be $141.00 with it). The Maven Price was $99.40 (if I included my free polish it would be $110.60). I only paid $24.99! Such a wonderful deal! 

Overall, I am REALLY happy with this Julep Golden Ticket Mystery Box. If they do another one, I will for sure buy! I know in the past they have been hit or miss. But this was a HUGE HIT!

If you're interested in signing up for Julep click here! Enter the code "FREEBOX" through the link to get your first box free! Just pay $2.99 for shipping. You can choose monthly to give it a try if you want!

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