Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bluum May Review 44 Month Boy

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J's Bluum showed up yesterday! He always looks forward to that box arriving! I was hoping for a really good one, last month was so so. We have been receiving Bluum for many months now, and it is one of our favorites!

Bluum always includes this flyer in their boxes. It says what age the box is for (Pre-K for J). Also gives you a card to cut out and hand to a friend so they can sign up. I think this is just an added cost for them. I know I don't keep ours or even read it. Maybe I am the only one?

When you pull off that flyer you can see all of the goodies! From a first glance I thought it looked really good.

Kidz Banz ($12.75): J loves wearing sunglasses, but it is always a struggle to keep them on. These are adjustable and we can make them fit snug enough they won't fall when he is running or playing. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. The age range on the sunglasses are 2-5, so we can use them for awhile! The design on the band is not exactly what I would have picked out, but he will use them! J even said they were comfortable. They offer a bunch of other colors and styles. These will be perfect for the beach!

Sea Animals Placemat by Crocodile Creek ($5.35): A cute placemat. I have to put it under some books for a few days to get it to flatten out since they rolled it up. This will go to a grandparent's house as an extra since we already have so many. I love Crocodile Creek brand, they offer great products!

Bitsy's Brainfood Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot Smart Cookies ($2.23): Oh My! I did not think we would enjoy these cookies. Much to my surprise, they were fabulous! They are good for you and VERY tasty. J really liked them and has already asked for me. I will be buying the case off Amazon. These are a perfect healthy "dessert" for special days.

Eco Kids Sandwich Keeper ($5.99): So cute! The robot is so J, he wanted to use it immediately. I guess I need to pack a "home" lunch or something for him to use it! We received a lunch box Goobyn Hero in our May Citrus Lane as well! J does not go to school or anything so I need to come up with a way to use these!

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Hat ($7.35): The name says it all right?! This hat is so happy and giddy! It has enough room for J to wear it probably another year. The brim is wide enough it will cover his face and neck. I see this hat being a gardening/beach hat. He thought it was cute and funny! 

Simple First Activities Wipe Clean Letters (Price Unknown): I found this on Amazon but it was almost $30 with shipping. I do not feel that is accurate. I would say maybe $14.00? I really enjoy this activity. We print similar ones offline for J all the time. It also comes with flash cards. It has a little spot to hold the marker too. This is perfect for his age and will be perfect car activity also. 

I think Bluum sent us a great box this month. Everything was age appropriate and we will get a ton of use out of it! I hope every month is always this good!

I paid $24.95 for this Bluum box. The total value on the box we received was $47.67. I came up with this value by finding the prices online versus retail prices. The value is almost DOUBLE what I paid! Had I signed up for a longer subscription it would have been an even better deal. 

If you sign up for Bluum by clicking here through my link, you will also receive a discount! It will bring down the price for a 3 month subscription to $20.79 a month (a savings of about $12.48 total). I highly recommend this subscription. I feel it works really well for our family and we receive a lot for the price!

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