Thursday, May 22, 2014

Citrus Lane Mystery Box Boon Water Bugs & Boon Dive Appliques

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Yesterday I received our Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes. I ordered both boxes that were offered this last time. One box was the Boon Water Bugs Mystery Box and the other was the Boon Dive Appliques box. I combined the review into one post because the items were similar or the same. I will post which product came in which box.

Citrus Lane sent both mystery boxes in one large box. 

This is the Boon Water Bugs Mystery Box. 

This is the Boon Dive Applique Mystery Box.

Boon Water Bugs with Net ($7.99): I JUST ordered this and it arrived at my door 2 days ago. J has already played with it! He got into this one too and put it with all his bath time toys ;) Having 2 nets is TWICE the fun! I really like how they are hard solid pieces and won't hold water and get moldy. 

Boon Dive Appliques ($7.07): These things are neat! J thought they were awesome that they float in the water and he can catch them with his net (from above). When I showed him that they stick to the wall/tub, he was in Heaven! I love the price and they are a really cool toy! 

Green Sprouts Bottle Aqua ($9.99): This is a cute bottle that we will use. I like that it has the ounces on the side, could come in handy with a smaller child. I received one of these in each box.

Hohner Kids Tambourine ($8.99): I really liked this brand. I know this music toy will last a LONG time! It is pretty loud, but not too obnoxious. J will enjoy this toy on a rainy day!! I received one of these in each box.

Alex Dot to Dot Chalk ($5.99): OMG! How cute are these?!?! I can't wait to use them! They will be perfect for Grandma's house she has a nice dark paved driveway with plenty of room to create! I received one of these in each box. In one box they were opened and broken, I am waiting to hear back from Citrus Lane about that. I will update when I hear back.

Zo*Li Sumo Snack Stack ($14.50): Uhhhh... who knew these existed and didn't tell me?! How wonderful is this! Perfect for snacks for J or D to keep them separate! I am in love with this concept. I received one of these in each box. (I am glad to have received 2).

Melissa & Doug Create-A-Craft Wooden Race Car ($6.39): Wow, I a really surprised at how affordable this cute craft is. J had a ball with it and could easily do it himself (minus gluing the tires on the rod). Very minimal parental guidance needed on this one. I will be ordering a few of these to have on hand for presents for friends! This came in the Boon Water Bugs Box.

J concentrating so hard!

Melissa & Dough Create-A-Craft Princess Doll ($6.21): This would be so fun to do with a little girl! I have put this away to hopefully use in the future. It looks like a nice craft. It is by Melissa & Dough, I love all of their stuff! Again, this box is a nice wooden box that can be reused for anything. This came in the Boon Dive Appliques Box.

Green Toys Build-A-Burger ($6.85): Online it is only available to purchase the Sandwich Shop set (includes burger and sandwich). I would totally buy both. They have raised knobs in the middle of each and holes in the bottoms so they stack together really well. They don't fall apart easily, so J has been very happy playing with them! He always asks do you want "mato" on that ma'am? Haha, cracks me up! I received one of these in each box.

Barefoot Books Driving My Tractor Puzzle ($13.49): This is 2 puzzles in one. The first puzzle is 24 pieces, the other is 12 pieces. There is the scene below then another scene in the snow. We love our tractor stuff! These are a good age for J and he will enjoy them. I received one of these in each box.

So, to recap here is what I received in each box:

Boon Water Bugs Box
Paid:$39.00/ Value: $74.19
Boon Dive Appliques Box
Paid:$39.00/ Value: $73.09
So, the value of the Boon water Bugs Mystery Box was $74.19. The value of the Boon Dive Appliques Box was $73.09. These are values off Amazon, not retail. The retail prices would have been even more! I think I received an amazing deal on the boxes. I paid $39.00 for each mystery box. The previous mystery boxes (Elephant Skip Hop & Zebra Skip Hop) were not amazing. They had quite a few items that were identical. This mystery box had even more repeat items. Citrus Lane did not state there would not be repeats. But, when choosing two different boxes I expected two different boxes. Had I only ordered one mystery box I would be extremely happy. Next time that is what I will do. I think the mystery boxes are an amazing deal for the price.

Our family really enjoys Citrus Lane. If you go through my link here, you can get your first box for 50% off. You could sign up for the monthly subscription to just give it a try. I HIGHLY recommend it. 

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