Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Staples

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Our week has been a more laid back week (which I am NOT complaining about). We have been hanging out and falling in love with new products. 

I ordered D the Ninja Ultima Kitchen System this past week. The expected delivery date was for 3 weeks..... I can't keep a surprise that long! Well, I received a tracking code and it will be here TOMORROW!!! Woo hoo!! We have used the older versions of the Ninja and love it. Normally we just make our smoothies in a cheap $8 Black Friday bullet type blender we bought 3 years ago. I have watched a bunch of Youtube videos and this thing is a machine! I will do a review on it once we have used it for a bit. 

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of The Honest Life by Jessica Alba in my Honest Company Mother's Day Gift Box. I like her as an actress but never thought anymore of it. After reading this book, I love her. Seriously, what she does for her family to keep them as healthy and organic as possible is amazing. For anyone who wants to try going organic or just wants to get more information about it, read this book, honestly. She really breaks it down and tells you what chemicals are bad for you and why. Also, she goes into what foods/products to buy organic or local or it really doesn't matter. I am buying another copy of this to keep in my purse for my go to guide. Our family tries to buy about 90% of everything organic or locally grown with no pesticides or herbicides. This book has helped me to understand what things won't hurt to bend on.

J of course is still into baseball, all the time. We recently picked him up a Tee, it is super tiring throwing a baseball ALL DAY LONG. I really like this thing, it is one that would be used on a T-ball team and is getting J adjusted to it. I highly recommed buying this tee here, if your kids are into T-ball, it was a really good purchase for us!!

How was your week? Any new products you're in love with?!

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