Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cate & Chloe May

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I received my 2nd package for the month of May yesterday! I always love opening my stuff from Cate & Chloe!

Cate & Chloe, VIP Membership is a jewelry membership. For $39.99 a month you receive at least $200 worth of jewelry. It ships 2 times a month. I love receiving packages every 15 days versus every 30.

The package ships in a plain old white padded envelope, it keeps the pretty inner package in shape!

I love the time Cate & Chloe take to make sure their package is beautiful. Taking the time to tie this bow really lets me know they care about this subscription!

The information card gives details of the name, price, and description of the item. This month I received April "Open Up" Pearl Necklace. I was very excited to open this! I love pearls on a neckalace. The retail value of this item was $109.00. I also like how the products that are sent are available on their website as well, they are not old items they did not sell.

The box is pretty standard. But, cute still.

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE. Seriously, it is beautiful. I will wear it a ton. I am going to pop it on another chain because I prefer a tid bit longer length. I went online to find this product, but it is not called April "Open Up" Pearl Pendant Necklace it seems I received the wrong item. The item I should have received looks like this. I think the piece I winded up getting is called the Kimberly "Bright" Pearl Pendant Necklace

That one is a more elegant piece, I still like the one I received. I would be happy with either!

Here is an up close image. I love the cream/tan colored pearl. It is so unique. 

These are the contents of the second package I received for the month. The addition of the cute tissue paper really makes a difference. It shows the company cares.

The information card I received stated I received the Linda "Pretty" Rose Gold Bracelet. The retail value is $125.00. I like bracelets but I am a bit picky. I do really like rose gold, and have my fingers crossed for a great hit.

I am in different about this. At first I really liked it, but the white accent in the front is not my favorite. The more I look at it the less I like it. When I put the bracelet on, it fit a little funny. It was hurting my wrist bones. Cate & Chloe offers a 100% guarantee, if you are not happy you can exchange it! I emailed them and am waiting to hear back.

I can see other people loving this piece, I really wish I did too!

The value I received this month was $234.00 ($359 including my welcome gift) . I only paid $39.99 for this! 

The Cate & Chloe VIP Membership is $39.99 a month, and you received a value of WAY more than that! The first month you sign up, you will receive a special welcome gift valued at $100+. If you are interested in signing up, click here

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